Friday, March 03, 2006

Memorable Teaching Moments # 326

Ahahahaha! I am evil. Today, I began a movie study in my grade 12 class. A very good movie study I might add, where the students will have to analyze different scenes in the movie and relate them to different theoretical perspectives that we have learned about in the course. (it's a sociology course) Their assignment is only 5 questions, 3 of which must be answered within 250 words.

So, why do they hate me so much?

Well, the annual "Grad Trip to Cancun" begins on Friday, March 10th, the day before March Break. Traditionally, grade 12 students involved in this trip take the day off to pack, fake and bake, get their hair done, etc. So, once this was assigned, a few students asked, "So, when is it due?" I told them, next Friday!

That would mean they would have plenty of time to get the work completed since they had whined about how much work it was. (a very common occurance) I am even willing to give them an entire period in the computer lab to work on it next week. A huge groan errupted from the class when I told them the due date, and one very daring soul piped up, "But what about the kids going to Cancun?" To which another, even more daring voice piped up, "Who cares about the kids going to Cancun?"

That made my very hectic and crazy week!


At 12:10 a.m., Blogger dinah34 said...

i agree--'who cares about the kids going to cancun?'

are these rugrats going to cancun on their own? crazy.

At 12:11 a.m., Blogger dinah34 said...

p.s. i wish you had been one of my high school teachers. i would have loved to do a movie study instead of answer the freaking questions in the freaking question booklet.

At 3:58 a.m., Blogger 2nd Year Teacher-History said...

can you tell me more about this movie study "what is it?" Its something I might attempt to do this year?


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