Friday, February 17, 2006

reasons why I love teaching 18 year olds...

OK, that's supposed to be sarcastic!

I love watching the Olympics. I think it's great watching the world come together in the name of good, clean competition. ( Don't worry, I know it's not all like that) This gives us a chance to watch so many different sports that we would never really get a chance to watch. Speed skating (especially short track) Luge, Snowboard X, Biathalon, etc. all fun and exciting sports to watch.

So, this week I had 4 students come in late to class because they were at home watching the Olympics. OK, I thought, since I love the Olympics so much, I guess I can't be too mad at them. So I ask them which events they saw. Can you guess? Yep, HOCKEY! (see earler rant) They stayed home to watch the very first Team Canada game! Like they can't see these overpaid millionaires every other night on TSN!

Where does the age of 18 fit in? Well, since they are 18, they stood in front of my desk and each wrote their own note excusing themselves from class! Not a thing I could do. I should've planned a test for that day...maybe I will for the finals!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

5 more weeks until I leave for Greece. It's going to be an amazing trip.

Today however, I was taken aback a little. A colleague of mine informed me that she did not think it was fair that I got to go on "all" the trips. She feels that we need to draw up a schedule and take turns with everyone in the department who wishes to go. (???) In other words, she wants to go on a trip. OK, I understand where she is coming from and I certainly do not begrudge her a trip. Yes, I went to Italy last year (but I didn't plan it, I was a secondary teacher when the numbers got higher than expected - and won it during a game of BINGO!). And this year, yes I am going to Greece. I am going because I DID plan it. I did all the leg work, paperwork, and administrative run-around. I dealt with kids whining about room allotments, parents and their fears, and the ever increasing charge of fuel taxes. It's an amazing amount of work. Not to mention the stress while you are over there making sure no one gets lost, hurt, kidnapped, etc. It's not a vacation - trust me.

But seriously, if she wants to take students on a trip, then by all means PLAN IT. Get your forms in a year in advance because that's how long you need for approval. Next year's trip is already being planned by someone else, so there's still plenty of time to plan for 2008!

I'm a little sensitive to this because last year another teacher said the same thing to me. She also wanted to plan a trip, but she has 2 small children. She said to me that she'd like to wait until they are a little older so that she could bring her husband and children along with her and have a nice family vacation. (???) Again, see above. This is NOT a vacation! When you sign up to take legal responsiblity of these students, you are responsible for them 24/7. No Breaks! As if she'd be able to diligently deal with the 30 or so students that she is bound to AND take care of her own children! Give me a break!

As much as I would like to continue doing these trips, I have a feeling that I am going to be usurped. Oh well, at least I'll then be able to plan for my own vacation.