Tuesday, October 31, 2006


So, apparently B is fine. A broken leg and a minor concussion - I guess you can call that "fine".

After he was loaded on the stretcher and place in the ambulance, B, true to form gave his trademark "rock hand" or devil horns if you will, to the gathering crowd. Which, in turn, gave him a loud cheer! Ah, he's hilarious!

On another note, it was one of our students who was speeding and hit him. No news as to whether or not that kid will be charged...

So remember waaaay back to my post about B ?

Well, yesterday after school he was hit by a speeding SUV on the main street in front of our school. He flew up into the air and landed on the windshield of another car.

He was taken to the hospital by ambulance and apparently he was conscious at that time. No other news or information.

Hopefully we'll get more of an update today.

God, I hope he is ok.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

OK, I normally don't complain about my job because for the most part I love it!

However, today is a day that I hate my job. It's VERY rare. But today I hate the kids, their attitudes, their behaviours, EVERYTHING!!!

So, today was my lunch 'duty' where I was responsible for making sure that the kids who sit in the main common area of the school don't kill each other and pick up their garbage, etc.

Today is the day they decide to have a food fight! Yes, it was little ole me and a few hundred kids! I was so pissed I finally had to leave and call for back up! After all was said and done I asked the VP to suspend 3 of the kids that were purposely targetting one particular student and hitting him with apples, sandwiches and jujubes! GAH! I was sooooo mad! 10 minutes later I saw one of the kids back in the common area joking around with his friends! WTF???? Suspend the prick!!

Not only that, but after the calm was restored, I saw another kid jump on a juice box that was full...you can imagine the mess! I took him upstairs to the office, the whole time he was whining "I didn't know it was full!" BS!!

ARG!! So.frustrating.

So, now I have to go back to my grade 11s who are the instigators of a lot of this stuff and be just peachy and pretend like nothing is wrong!!

Today is a bad day.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Reasons why I teach # 534

OK, so this really isn't about being as materialistic as this is going to sound, so bear with me.

Last year in June, my most favorite class graduated . It made me really sad to see these kids go, yet satisfied that I had done all I could to help them on their journey. Last weekend (Canadian Thanksgiving) I got married to my boyfriend of 15 years. But, that's not why I am writing.

The week before my wedding, I had a number of graduated students return to the school to wish me all the best and to congratulate me on my wedding! Two students even flew in from Halifax and stopped by to give me a huge hug and a card and tell me that they wished they could be at my wedding (Ha! but I didn't invite them!) And, they probably actually flew in to see their family on Thanksgiving, not just to congratulate me, but who's keeping score, really?!

I also received a few wedding gifts from these students who stopped by. Chocolates, candles and an amazing crystal cake serving platter that I always wanted. I have no idea how she knew about that! What an incredible group of kids those were! I can't believe they remembered my wedding date.

I miss them.