Sunday, December 17, 2006

Dodge Ball!!

Remember the game of dodge ball? The game where hurling little (soft) balls at someone is actually allowed? There were always the 'big' targets (the kids you hated and just wanted to cream them with the ball). There were the evaders (those annoying 'light as feather' folks who seemed to effortlessly float out of the way). And then there were the evil ones (the ones who had the arms of major leaguers and you couldn't get out of their path no matter what!)

Well, this week we had a school-wide dodge ball game. Us vs them. Yes folks, the TEACHERS vs. the STUDENTS. What were we thinking?

Every high school student's fantasy come to life. The opportunity of a life time! You could cream your teacher with a ball and not get in trouble for it!! How cool would that have been?

And yes, we sucked. The teachers lost every time. 0 for 3. Can't wait to get revenge next year...

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Dr, Phil

So, Dr, Phil was on the other day and he had a very interesting show on about teachers.

In one story, the woman had a seedy past where she had 'acted' in porn movies. Some students found out and her contract was not renewed. It was interesting. Does this woman have a right to keep her job? I don't know what the rules are in the states, but I seriously have a problem with this woman losing her job. She did nothing illegal and it happened 11 years ago. Personally I think she'd make a great role model of how a person can change who they are and the mistakes they've made. The main discussion of the show was if teachers should be held to a higher moral standard than the rest of the population. I find it funny that some people think that we can't have lives simply because we teach. My personal life should not reflect upon my professional one. But that's just my opinion!

The end

So, my student teacher is done. She is finished her first round of "practice teaching". I think she'll be sucessful, and I hope I've taught her some things that she can take with her. What she lacks mostly is confidence - she's very nervous and soft-spoken. But, I do think this will get better in time.

I've really missed my classes. Connecting with the kids is such an important part of my job! I was starved for their attention. I guess like many other teachers out there, part of my want to be a teacher stems from wanting to be the centre of attention! har!

So, for the first day I had them back as my own, all we did was 'chat' and get caught up with each other. Yes, I do love my job!

Saturday, December 02, 2006


I work with children. Nope, not the teenagers I teach. My colleagues. The so-called professionals that take years and years of university courses and countless hours of teacher prep in the summer and evenings to become the best they can be. They are children.

We are supposed to be mature and adult-like, right? I wish some of my colleagues knew that.

First there is the woman that needs to know absolutely everything there is to know about the social life of 16 year olds. Who's dating who? Who is fighting with each other? Where this weekend's big party/bash is being held? There are times that she is so inappropriate and unprofessional that she really should be reported, but no one does. The kids can't stand her, yet they pretend to, because she sucks them right in to her gossip ring. Her gossip does not end at the students - oh no! She must tell everyone about the social happenings of her fellow teachers. And sometimes, she shares these with the students!

And boy does she get upset when you know something that she doesn't! I had my 12s write a paragraph of what they felt the 'bullying' situation was like at our school. They were told it would be completely confidential and I was looking more for the truth than anything else when I was marking it. What I got from them was amazing! Very schocking, yet not completely surprising things. I mentioned to said teacher what I was doing and she asked if she could read them. I said 'no'. (Any other teacher, I probably would've shared a few - but if I told her, I knew that it would get out to the students invovled) Well, she's not used to being told no, and didn't speak to me for 3 days! (and my desk is right beside hers) Unbelievable!

Then there is the arrogant asshole phys-ed teacher (not that I don't like phys-ed teachers at all...) I'll save his hissy fit for another day...